WE like to make it easy for you to select the right ring size

ring size chart

There are two ways to find out, use the one which suite you more : 

  1. Use an old or current ring and measure the widest internal part using scale /ruler, the result will be Ring Diameter in (mm). if you are using Inch Scale then use this formula : Ring Diameter (mm) = inch measurement X 25.4
  2. Wrap paper stripe or string around the base of your finger, and mark the point of meeting . Use scale/ruler to tell the length in mm/in , the result called Ring Circumference . refer to the above schedule and choose your Ring size.

Refer to the above Chart and Match your size .

If your size fall between 2 sizes please do select the bigger size, 

Our rings made of  925 Sterling Silver which make it adjustable , you can visit any of your local market jeweler to adjust it or contact us and we will be happy to support you.